Strahan but say Strownnnn – West Tassie

West part of Tasmania, Strahan is a tiny place. Everything is 1 here: 1 post office, 1 ATM, 1 Pub, 1 coffee shop, 1 take away, 1 souvenirs shop but ! Few places where to stay and a couple of restaurants. Where to stay ? Strahan Village, Risby Cove and this bed and breakfast Ormiston Lodge. All these hotels are just average but nothing to complain about.  Risby Cove has a nice fine restaurant but not cheap but the food is really good for a little village like Strahan. Hamers is more a pub style table. Reasonable prices and correct food. Hamers is adjacent to the pub front of the little marina where you see few fishermen boats.


Here they mainly fish crayfish and it is a very profitable business. Did you know that ? You need a permit for each « pot » you have on board and each permit costs 40 000 aud (lifetime permit) and each boat has easily between 50 and 100 pots. Fishing, Aqua culture and tourism are the major activities at the moment in Tasmania before mining.Abalone ? Asian people love them and no matter what the price is !It exists only 125 permits to catch abalone in Tasmania only 125 !Years ago, to obtain a permit it was affordable but nowadays a single permit costs 10 million dollars !! More than a luxury house in Sydney. It is a lifetime permit that you can inherit from your parents or you can sell it if you want to. Most guys Who own a permit employ divers to catch the » rubber meat ». One diver can catch in one day up to 700 or  900 kilos of abalones !!! He is usually paid 9 aud a kilo which makes quite a few « dough » at the end of the day. »Off the Beach » a kilo is sold 50 aud and then easily 100 aud a kilo in the shop. If you don’t have this gold permit, you can Still catch 3 crayfish per day and 10 abalones per day just for you. You can’t sell them. It Will cost you just a 50 aud permit that you have to renew every year.



What to do in Strahan ? …. Everything being 1 here, there is ONE thing to do: a beautiful Cruise onto the Gordon River classified World heritage. 2 cruises possible: RACV Cruise and World Héritage Cruises. They are both pretty similar I would say. Confortable catamarans, départure at 8h30 am or 9 am to be back to Strownnnn around 3.30 pm. Yes it is almost a full day tour ! More than 100 kms on the water ,lunch included, stunning scenery !!!Few stops: « hell’s gate » as they call it here (that’s the equivalent of north head in Sydney but north head is much larger) you get the opportunity to see a Fish farm, stop and visit with a guide of Sarah Island which used to be a prison for convicts in the 1820’s during 12 years. You Will also do a walk in the Rainforest on the edge of the Gordon River. Trees are 1000 year’s old in this protrected forest. Some species are even 3000 year’s old.






Back to the land, you sort out your pictures taken during the day, 1 beer at the pub, dinner and nit nit. 2 nights and 1 full day in Strahan is the perfect plan.


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