Southern Ocean Paradise

Check in at Regional Express counter at Adelaide Airport. Regional Express because you are about to fly to one of these beautiful « remote region » of Australia !

Small aircraft, 30 minutes flight and you land at Kingscote on Kangaroo Island.  The airport is tiny and you already understand where your are.

Kangaroo Island is a big Island though with its 150 kms long. Only 5000 people live here but the wildlife is tremendous. 200 000 kangaroos, 500 000 wallabies ! 15 000 koalas, 1000 sea lions and 15 000 fur seals.


It makes no doubt that you have to be very unlucky not to see one of these animals. But why there are so many « roos » on this Island ? Just because they don’t have any predators and it is a bit paradise here for them.






It will be paradise for you too if you decide to stay 2 or 3 nights at the Southern Ocean Lodge. 1  hour drive from the airport in the south west direction in the middle of the bush ! This lodge is like a little Gem in the middle of the nature. 21  rooms and my favourite one is the Remarkable Suite with its 120 square meters. However all the rooms are very spacious and built on the top of the cliff facing the ocean. The first shop is 25 kms away from the lodge which makes the place very remote.  Adjacent to the small lobby, you will find a huge lounge area with sofas, canapes and even a fire place. This is a where clients love to spend time reading a book, looking at the ocean or simply doing nothing sipping a glass of wine . At the Southern Ocean Lodge, everything is easy and all inclusive. The food is divine and for drinks, please help yourself at the open bar. You will find 85 different wines, beers, spirits and even a local gin.  The mini « big » bar in your room is also included in what you paid for your stay. Southern Ocean Lodge is perfectly located to go and explore the island :  Wildlife which is every where, Remarkable Rocks, Admiral Arch, Seal Bay etc.. You have so much to do and so much to see that 2 nights might not be enough. Back from youra tour, South Ocean Lodge has this feeling of « homeway from home » as you feel so good back to your room.  Seat back and relax, go for a massage at the Spa, watch the Sunset before heading to dine where the friendly and discret staff will spoil you.  Yesterday, I saw clients checking out, they looked like they had to say bye bye to their best friend, sad to leave the cocoon.


Southern Ocean « Paradise » is one of these Must To See places of the world.


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